Monday, November 24, 2008 LESS Ghetto:)

Well, as most of you know we have been working very hard on our house trying to make it look a little less ghetto! Scottie and I love our house so much, but do think that it needs many improvements! So...for the last few months we have removed a stump and tree out of the front yard, painted the whole house(still working on some trim) replaced all 19 of our old school windows, holy mama that was expensive, put in a new front door...and still working on much, much, more!





This is the back entrance where my clients come in:) Shauna, I'll post some picture of the inside of the salon soon!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Makayla Nicole Stewart

My best friend Lori and Andrew had their first baby October 30th. She came 2 1/2 weeks early can you believe that!! Lucky Lori!! I was privelaged to be in the delivery room with them...and wow what an experience! Thanks for letting me be apart of that you guys! I will remember it forever! Poor Lori was in labor for a good 13 hours or so...but Makayla popped right out when the doctor showed up! Lori only pushed 3 times! Makayla weighed 6lbs 14 oz and was 18ins long. She was so tiny and so so cute! I still can't really say who I think she looks more like yet. It was amazing to see her and hold her! I can't believe that Ty was ever that small! It made me what to have more babies already! But don't worry I snapped back into reality...:)


Here's just a bunch of random pictures I have taken of Ty in the last month. He's just over 6 months now and I just can't believe it! He has grow so fast and I just love him so much! I try to take it all in and enjoy the moments that I have with him. I know everyone says they grow to fast and before you know it they'll be walking, or talking, or going on a really is true! Anyway, I'm just being a typical mom I guess...

Ty is starting to pick up his knees alittle when we put him on his belly, but he's not crawling yet, and I'm just fine with that:) I don't want to have to really baby proof my house, just yet!

Now I have proof that Daddy spoils Ty!

WOAH! I was playing with Ty after I gave him a bath the other day...he loves when I shake him in the towel to get him dry, so I rubbed the towel over his head a few times and this is what happened:)

So, when I feed Ty his rice cereal I put him on the counter in his bumbo and sit in front of him in a chair...well as you can see he his very mobile and loves to knock over what ever is in arms reach, and yes I sat the rice cereal bowl down for a split second and guess where it landed...yep, on me:)

Big Eyes and Funny Hair

So Ty now has this funny sleeping position that he loves. It doesn't matter how I lay him down in his crib he always arches his back and leans his head back as far as her can...funny, huh!

I just love this position for some reason. I just love Ty's little feet, or should I say BIG feet!

Ty started sitting up about a week before he turned 6 months. It took a few days of surrounding him with pillows, or my boppy, but he is very strong now and sits up really well on his own!!


Playin with my Fire truck!

Playin with Daddy...

Don't you just want to bite those chubbers:) I do all the time...I know, but I can't help it!

Getting ready to go outside...

Ty loves to drink water out of his sippy cup, all by himself!!

So content and happy with life...

...little do you know that he has just pooped up his back and is just sitting there in it, happy as can be...atleast I spared you all the yucky details this time:)


Ty's first Halloween was such a fun one! We did so much that day, we were all ready for bed by 8:00! First my best friend Laura came over and we made carmel apples...again:) I am seriously a pro at these apples now! Then we got Brynn and Ty dressed and ready in their costumes! Laura and I laughed so hard as we forced our children into these oversized and I'm sure very hot animal suits! But, really do you blame us...LOOK HOW CUTE!

Seriously...I think that Brynn and Ty were having a conversation about how crazy their moms are for making them wear these funny looking outfits! Laura and I decided that Halloween was more for the entertainment value of the parents(atleast when they're this young!)...and for us to get the candy, of course:)

Fitting in the carseat was another fun adventure to add to the day!!

We of course had to go Trick or Treating at the old salon I worked at, Aspen. The girls enjoyed seeing Ty in his costume and of course Jamie gave him a Halloween treat, but he shared it with mommy!

We also went to visit Lori and Andrew at Utah Valley Hospital where their sweet first baby girl Makayla was born the day before!

We went to Nature's Sunshine where Chaden works and met Marci, Chaden and the kids. Every year they do a trick or treat for the kids in both buildings at pretty much every cubicle, so they get lots and lots of candy!

Awww, my little monkey face:)

Woah, and that's a CRAZY monkey face:)

Chaden said this guy dresses up as KISS every year...Doesn't his costume look Awesome!

Then we went to our ward was Scott AND Ty's first Trunk-or-Treat ever:)

...and he was pooped...