Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christmas 2010...

We started out with our Christmas tradition of buying a REAL Christmas! Scottie and I both grew up having real Chrsitmas tree's so we just can't do the fake thing yet! So we had the tree up for a few days until I actually got around to decorating it, so Ty thought he would help me a get started on the decorations he thought would look best...
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Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve

We went to see Santa! This was so much Fun! Ty actually sat right on his lap and told him he wanted Chick Hicks the car for Christmas! Ty was so much fun this year!! Then we put a tree on Nate's grave, drove around to see Christmas lights, had a YUMMY dinner, made treats for Santa and his reindeer and let Ty open a few presents from mom/dad and the Grandma's:) Christmas Eve Eve we have a tradition to sleep under the Christmas Tree!
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Christmas Day...

What a blast Christmas day was! Ty was so excited when he woke up! Grandpa spoiled him with the big blow-up Thomas the Train and we spoiled him with a BIG fish tank...and of course a million other presents from Santa!! Thanks Family for all the presents you sent too!
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We had so much FUN at Chaden and Marci's for Thanksgiving! The kids played in the snow, and the food was SOOO yummy :)

Marci made such a beautiful table too!!

Yummy Slush that Marci made!! The kids loved it:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Hite's came over on Sunday and we had our yearly caramel apple fix, yummy!!

Ky and Ty are buds!

Ok, we were all laughing SO hard at Kyler and Ty they did this all night...Ty's hair, need I say more!

...and Marci had to have a turn on the wiggle car too:)

Grandma's Infamous Witch Costume

Kaye wears this to school every year and the kids love it, especially the shoes...need I say more, whoa Grandma!

Happy Halloween

First we went to Makayla's birthday party! That was so fun...yummy food, games, and candy:) Ty and Brynn just love each other it's so cute!

Makayla seemed to love the princess tea party we got her:)

Then we stopped by and visted the kids for a bit:)

Then Megan, James and Koby came down and went to our ward trunk or treat. Then we hit my clients neighborhood for some more yummy treats!

Sweatin' to the Oldies...we thought it was funny...(Thanks for the idea Shauna!)

Sweatin' To The Oldies

...we thought it was funny...