Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Hite's came over on Sunday and we had our yearly caramel apple fix, yummy!!

Ky and Ty are buds!

Ok, we were all laughing SO hard at Kyler and Ty they did this all night...Ty's hair, need I say more!

...and Marci had to have a turn on the wiggle car too:)

Grandma's Infamous Witch Costume

Kaye wears this to school every year and the kids love it, especially the shoes...need I say more, whoa Grandma!

Happy Halloween

First we went to Makayla's birthday party! That was so fun...yummy food, games, and candy:) Ty and Brynn just love each other it's so cute!

Makayla seemed to love the princess tea party we got her:)

Then we stopped by and visted the kids for a bit:)

Then Megan, James and Koby came down and went to our ward trunk or treat. Then we hit my clients neighborhood for some more yummy treats!

Sweatin' to the Oldies...we thought it was funny...(Thanks for the idea Shauna!)

Sweatin' To The Oldies

...we thought it was funny...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our trip to New York

Ty and I were able to go visit Jen's family a few weeks ago! We has SO much fun with everyone, and we especially loved meeting our new little baby Coby! Here are some of the highlights of our FUN trip... Man do we miss you guys already!

Little Coby Man

I am so happy we got to see sweet little Coby! He is so sweet, I kept kissing those can you not!!!
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Fun Fun Fun!

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Soccer Time

Oh man did it make me proud watching Abby play soccer! We got to go to one of her practices and a game! She is such an AWESOME soccer player and very agressive! You go Abby!!!
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The New Experiences of Life...

Ty has never had mini marshmellows in his hot chocolate...I'm pretty sure he was diggin it Aunt Jen:)
He decided to save one for later on his right cheek, haha!
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Future Artists of the Family

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Homemade Donuts...Yummy!

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Hangin' with Grandma and Grandpa Hite!

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Lots of Playin' Goin' On....

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Monday, October 18, 2010


I know I stink at's feast or famine with me I know Shauna:) I would say I will try to be better, but who am I kidding:) I'm at Jen's in New York right now and have had a few extra days to catch up! So here is what we've been doing.... You'll have to scroll down to the next page, I think I have everything is the correct order...I hope:)...It was a fun and busy summer!!

Demolition Derby

So we decided to bring Ty to the demolition derby, due to his slight obsession with cars:), specifically Lightining McQueen! Ty had so much fun! He of course loved the McQueen car! He did think it was a bit loud part of the way through and used Daddy's hands for some extra padding on his ears:) Then you have sweet little Blake that slept through most of it:) Brynn was loving it as she sported ear hot pink plugs!
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