Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I've been watching Marci and Chaden's kids yesterday, today and tomorrow half and day! It's been lots of fun and tiring too, especially since Ty doesn't sleep the whole way through the night, but that's ok! We've had lots of fun playing:) We just wanted to let mom and dad see some pictures of them, and of course Baylee on her first day of school. We made a sign for you last night Marci, the kids wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today!! I hope your having fun in DC:) Oh, and Ellie has been such a huge help with Ty! She loves to hold him and give him his binky! They have matching ones:)

Rachel's Endowed!!

My friend Rachel received her endowments this past Wednesday night! It was such a fun time to experience with her! It really brings you back to your first time:) We all I'm sure remember! She's such a cute girl! YES...all you single boys out there she is available:) Oh, and I also realized after looking at these pictures that I have a big forehead and need bangs, so the next pictures you see of me I will have bangs:)

Our time here is precious...

My friend Michelle lost her sweet baby Gavin last Sunday night...I can't really describe in words how i felt when Laura called me late that night to inform me of what happened! I know that this past week has been an emotional and interesting week. I feel like I've walked around like a zombie. Whenever I'm not juggling something in my mind about work and my own life, my thoughts turned to Michelle and her husband Jaron....How must they feel? How will they move on? Will they ever feel comfort? Why do things like this happen to such good righteous people? How could Heavenly Father take away someones sweet child? Why? Why? Why? All week I've tried to put myself in Michelle's shoes and I just can 't imagine...I kiss Ty a million times a day and miss him every minute I'm away from him. I've only experience life with him for 4 months and I can't imagine life without him...I know that Michelle and Jaron will be reunited with their perfect Gavin one day, and I'm grateful for that knowledge! I can't tell you the comfort I actually felt at the emotion filled funeral for their sweet baby on Saturday. It was an amazing service and I actually learned a lot about our church and I feel more peace and comfort knowing that we really will be together again with our faimilies and our Heavenly Father! Thanks for joining the church Dad and thanks to you and Mom for keeping us active and true to the church! I can't imagine where I would be without the gospel...I know everyone says that, but really where would we be, what would we be doing??? Anyway, I hope that anyone that reads this and has small children and loved ones will squeeze them alittle tighter from now on!!! Get over the little things and focus on the things that really matter in the end!

My 2 sweet Baby's!

I watched my sweet little Brynn while Laura went to work last Monday! Did I say once that I wanted twins! Just Kidding! Ty and Brynn are both so good, but holy cow you wouldn't ever get anything done having twins and taking care of them all day by yourself! How do people do it!:) Brynn and Ty are growing so fast and I'm sure will be best buds!!!! As you can see they both love to eat their hands, and we discovered that Brynn loves Ty's bumbo:)


A week ago saturday Scott got taken out in his soccer game by the goalie and then had to go take his Salt Lake City Fire Physical test right afterwards! They wouldn't let him leave until he iced it for awhile to get some of the swelling down! He's been my little gimp all last week. The doctor told him to stay down and keep off of it, so of course Scott is milking this "order":) Who wouldn't:)

Sunday we celebrated Scott, Alisa, and Kaye's birthday. There all in August!

We had big BBQ with all of Scott's family, cousins, Chaden, Marci and the kids! I attempted to homemake and decorate the cakes the soccer field was alittle "hilly". Hey, I tried:) The other green and white cake..yeah the one that looks really good...Don't worry scotties Aunt Kathleen made that one not me:)

Here's my sweet baby Ty! We put him in a studly sunday outfit:)

Scottie's 28th Birthday!! This was also such a special day because me sweet baby Alexis Dawn was born:)

I went to Scottie's work and decorated his truck with ballons and krispy kremes:)

My what big cheeks you have!

I tried to make a 28 with the candles! Tried being the key word!

You would think it's all they do...

Oh wait, IT IS:)

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Does anyone know how to change the template and layout of your blog page without losing all the previous postings? I'm to scared to try and change it because I heard it will erase everything you have already...???


So we heard all the other kids on the block have a bumbo so we had to get ty one...right... Just kidding, I've been wanting to get him one so it will help him sit up more and not get such a flat head, plus he looks so cute! I think he likes it, but he's still a little bobbley in it:) Bumbo is such a funny name, I wonder why they call it that...


Every year on the 23rd we go up to Bountiful to Scott's Aunt Karen's house for the July 24th celebration. She lives up close to the bountiful temple on the hill and they let off the fireworks in the park that is basically in her back yard! We had lots of yummy bbq food and lots of cousins to play with! Ty has been scared of loud sudden noises lately but he actually didn't cry when the fireworks went off, and they were so close and loud!

Bear Lake!


Ty has been discovering his hands for the last little while, but his favorite at night seems to be the thumb!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy! It's so so cute when he does it...but I guess it's harder to take away a thumb than a binki, so we'll stick with the binki!