Saturday, March 13, 2010


Just showing off the cute coat that Aunt Jen wipped up for Ty:) Thanks again Jen, he wears it all the time:)

Especially in this crazy weather! This is a snow storm we had about a week ago...burrr, can you tell the snow covered trees are my favorite:)

Jump On It

Every Wednesday and Thursday this place called Jump On It does a mommy and me jump for an hour for only $3!! We've gone twice now and hope to go lots more! The kids love it and it's a good work out:)

Yea don't worry we fit right through this hole:) Maybe only the kids are meant to go on the slide...oops:) We still had fun squeezing through:)

Nixon is starting young but taking after his mommy that was a gymnast for BYU!

We took the ANIMALS to go see the ANIMALS...

We decided to take the kids to the circus:) We weren't sure if they would like it or not so see for yourself...

Ty was mesmorized the WHOLE time by everything!

This is my cute friend/client/babysitter Kandis and her little man Nixson:)