Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Helping Daddy with the Christmas tree...

Haircut #3

Changing Table Battles

This is Ty's new favorite game, everytime I put him on the changing table he reaches to either side til he grabs something...anything...powder, butt paste, lotion, sanitizer...it takes me twice as long to change his diaper:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ty's First Thanksgiving

Ty was helping me bake Thanksgiving morning

Kathy had a beautiful table set up and a yummy dinner!

Haha, nice try! I think sometimes Ty wishes he could have bites that big:)

Ty loves to drink from a big boy cup...

Chillin with his awesome Uncle Chaden!

Aunt Angell came to visit from Vegas for Thanksgiving. This was the first time Ty met Angell:)

Drooly Face:)


Ty was sick last weekend with his first cold. It was so sad to see him so mellow and sad. He was so sleepy all day and cuddly. He had a fever and a bad cough. Scott took him to the doctor on Saturday and then I took him for a follow up visit on wednesday and he has an ear infection now and they did a breathing treatmet with him that seemed to help the cough alot! Scott took this picture with our brand new camera we got for Christmas. It takes really clear pictures, we LOVE it!! You can also zoom in on the picture and crop it to a new picture which is what we did below...


Playin' With Daddy

Be healed Daddy...

Ty's New Highchair

Sleepy Ty

Ty loves to play with the remote. He was so funny this night, he was just playing on Scottie's lap and laid his head on the couch and then cuddled with Daddy!

Who would have guessed my little MONKEY loves BANANAS!

I started feeding Ty real bananas last week and he LOVES them!!! He also loves bread and apple juice!


A few weeks ago Scott and I had booth at the Utah Chocolate Show at the sandy expo center. It was to help promote Scott's Chocolate Fountain business, Chocolate Elation. It was a long two days...staying up to 2 in the morning...62 carmel apples...120 cookies...and 20 hours at the booth later it was finally over!!

We sold the apples and cookies hoping to break even with all the money we had to spend on food for dipping in the fountain!

There was a line to the fountain ALL day long.

Scottie workin' hard!

Don't you just want to stick your finger in it:)

This was at the end of the 2 days, yea the tablecloth was completely covered in hardened chocolate drips!

Ty was there all day Saturday with us! He was such a good sport and even took a 2 hour nap on his little bed I made him:)