Saturday, May 24, 2008






On our way to the calm:)

My Delivery Experience

Wow, is all I have to say...Can I just tell you that I thought I had heard it all! We all know that everyone's pregnancy experience is different, and I really did love hearing about all the different ones, so finally I am here to tell about mine! First of all I can someone explain why we are lied to our whole lives about the "pregnant for 9 months" thing...Your really pregnant for 10 months just in case you didn't know. If you do the simple math 40 weeks is equal to 10 months:) If anyone has another explanation about the 9 months scandal please do share:) Anyway to the I had a scheduled doctor's appointment the day after my due date, which was April 23rd! So since baby Ty hadn't come yet I went to my routine weekly appt. Now, the week before Dr. Gordon whom I had been seeing my entire pregnancy informed me of an unexpected surgery he had to have the next day, leaving him with a week or two of recovery. This made me really sad since I had grown attached to him and really wanted him to deliver my baby. Anyway, little side note...I saw Dr. Judd instead that day. He's a great doctor...oh and another side note...I don't know how many people can say this, but Dr. Judd delivered my mom's first baby (Stacy) kinda crazy huh??? So finally after never dilating my entire last month I was finally to a 3!!! Dr. Judd then sent me over to Utah Valley Hospital for a non-stress test...procedure when your overdue I guess! So I went home put the car seat in the car and our hospital bags, just in case!! When I got there at 1:30 for my test she strapped a monitor on my belly and did an ultrasound of Ty. That was fun to see him in my belly one last time! Long story short, she showed my the little amount of amniotic fluid I had left and my placenta that was almost completely calcified(I wish this thing had spell checker:)). She called Dr. Judd informing him that I had "failed" the test with a measly 3.2 score and said that he would meet me at Orem Community Hospital because I was going to have my baby!!! I've never felt something like that before. When someone just turns to you and says..."You're going to have a baby today..." it seems to hit you like a ton of bricks! So I called Scott and told him the exciting/scary news, which of course he was only excited about, and we headed over to the hospital!! It will be interesting someday to actually experience the whole going into labor, rushing to the hospital thing. We checked in at about 3pm and they started the inducement by 4pm! Man, the patossin needle hurt worse than the epidural, I thought! My labor pains were all in my back because Ty was posterior creating all the pressure on my spine. Anyway, as I progressed to a 6 I was feeling the contractions pretty badly so I asked for the epidural! I don't know why any part of my brain even thought that I would be strong enough to have a natural birth! More power to the women that do...they really should get a trophy! Anyway, I didn't think the epidural was that bad, maybe it was because I was to busy concentrating on how tight I could squeeze Scottie's hands:) Oh, or that I was distracted by the fact that my body was shaking like I had the shivers, but I wasn't cold...who knows! The epidural started to kick in about 20 min. later it was cake from there on out! I tried to nap a little in the bed while Scott enjoyed the Jazz game, yeah I know, typical guy:) After a few hours I was progressing pretty quickly! I was dialated to a ten by about 11:30 and I started pushing around 12:30 after the doctor checked me! I pushed with the nurse and Scott for about 30 minutes, that was fun...NOT! It's a weird feeling and lots of hard work, I kept feeling like I was going to throw up! Anyway the doctor came in a little after 1am and Ty was born at 1:22am. It's true when they say the doctor really does only come in to catch the baby!! I only had to push and laugh a few times until Ty decided to come out! Seeing Ty for the first time was definitely the most amazing/emotional moment in my life so far! He was a woppin 5lbs 12oz and 19 1/2 inches long! Since he was so little they had to take his blood sugar every 6 hours and a few days after he was born we had to watch his oxygen levels on a sat. machine they hooked him up to...that wasn't very fun! Every time it beeped I think my heart stopped! He also had to "go under the lights" for a day as well because he had a bit of jaundice, but that wasn't too bad they let us keep him in our room for that! Since he was so little it took all his energy to eat and so he would keep falling asleep and wasn't getting very much! He ended up loosing 10% of his weight which took him down to 5lbs 3oz! We had to stay an extra day in the hospital so the nurses and doctors could keep an eye on him. By the next morning he had gained a whole ounce, so they let us go home! It was so nice to get out of the hospital and bring Ty home with us! Although his car seat swallowed him whole, we made it the 5 blocks home safely, even with me freaking out at every brake light and stoplight we came too! There's a huge responsibility that rests on your shoulders when you become a parent, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Scott and I are so happy and we love Ty more than he will probably ever know! We've decided we are going to be the coolest parents ever...that is until he turns into a teenager I'm sure! Enjoy the pictures, and thanks to everyone that came to see us in the hospital!! We love you!