Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our trip to New York

Ty and I were able to go visit Jen's family a few weeks ago! We has SO much fun with everyone, and we especially loved meeting our new little baby Coby! Here are some of the highlights of our FUN trip... Man do we miss you guys already!

Little Coby Man

I am so happy we got to see sweet little Coby! He is so sweet, I kept kissing those can you not!!!
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Fun Fun Fun!

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Soccer Time

Oh man did it make me proud watching Abby play soccer! We got to go to one of her practices and a game! She is such an AWESOME soccer player and very agressive! You go Abby!!!
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The New Experiences of Life...

Ty has never had mini marshmellows in his hot chocolate...I'm pretty sure he was diggin it Aunt Jen:)
He decided to save one for later on his right cheek, haha!
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Future Artists of the Family

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Homemade Donuts...Yummy!

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Hangin' with Grandma and Grandpa Hite!

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Lots of Playin' Goin' On....

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Monday, October 18, 2010


I know I stink at's feast or famine with me I know Shauna:) I would say I will try to be better, but who am I kidding:) I'm at Jen's in New York right now and have had a few extra days to catch up! So here is what we've been doing.... You'll have to scroll down to the next page, I think I have everything is the correct order...I hope:)...It was a fun and busy summer!!

Demolition Derby

So we decided to bring Ty to the demolition derby, due to his slight obsession with cars:), specifically Lightining McQueen! Ty had so much fun! He of course loved the McQueen car! He did think it was a bit loud part of the way through and used Daddy's hands for some extra padding on his ears:) Then you have sweet little Blake that slept through most of it:) Brynn was loving it as she sported ear hot pink plugs!
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Kaye's 60th Birthday

The next week after Scott's surprise party, Kaye's kids threw a surprise party for her 60th birthday:) We had it at Peggy & Lyndon's house. We had yummy bbq food, scottie did some chocolate fountains, and Kathleen made one of her most amazing birthday cakes I have ever seen!!!
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Scott's 30th Birthday

I decided to throw Scottie a surprise birthday party since he was hitting the big 3-0 this year:) We had friends and family come to Kaye's house and we did a big outdoor movie with fun movie treats! It was such a blast. I think Scott was actually surprised! It's hard to keep that big of a surprise from someone you live with ya know! Happy Birthday Scottie! I love you!:)
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Then we headed to Vegas for Maddex's 2nd birthday! Ty and Maddex are only a few months apart! They don't see eachother too often, but when they do they are great buds as you can see from the pics!!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cove Fort

On our way down to Escalante we made a quick stop at Cove Fort. This was a place that provioded food/shelter to pioneer travelers in the mid 1800's. It's now a historic site. It was very peaceful and fun to see!
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We went camping/hiking down south to Escalante with our friends Keli, Brett and the kids at the end of May. We had such a blast!! This was Ty's first hard-core camping trip and I'm pretty sure he loved it!
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Who doesn't love hardcore camping, a warm campfire, and some yummy semi-burnt marshmellows:)
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It's been awhile since Scott and I have hiked, and to tell you the truth this is the biggest hiking/camping trip we've been on together! It was so fun, hot, tiring, and a great excercise. We hiked through a lot of's a great calf workout!
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Zebra Canyon

This was such an amazing hike! As you can see from the pictures it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever hiked!!!
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Peekaboo Canyon

We had SO much fun hiking! The kids actually did pretty well! There were a few spots that Ty didn't love hiking through, but it was really fun!
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This was where we stayed! It was right on the beach, SO beautiful!! BIG THANKS to Rachel and Sean for letting us tag along with them:) Scott and I needed a good break from reality:) We love you guys and had such a BLAST, THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!!

This was the view out our balcony, so beautiful! Those poor guys were out there everyday trimming and babying the's amazing how well they keep everything up at the hotels there!!

We loved going out on the balcony at night and watching the pool change colors...SO relaxing!

We took the bus into downtown Cancun to go to church!

Boat Ride


Random-this is how they get thier pizza to ya real FAST in mexico:)

We went to Market 28 that night and walked around the little shops where they try to sell you anything and EVERYTHING for crazy prices!