Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grandma comes to VISIT!!!!!!!

Mom came to visit for the weekend for Ty's FIRST birtday! We picked her up from the airport and went straight to Gardner VIllage for lunch.

For some weird reason my baby likes to suck on lemons...YUCK!

This of course would be his first choice of mother, like son!


It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want to...cry if I want to! I guess the waffles were taking alittle to long...

Ohhh, lookin good!

This was Ty's first time having waffles...WITH syrup! Yum,Yum! is the dorky homemade(if you can't tell:)) Birthday shirt I made for TY:)


Mommy and my cute Birthday Boy!

Working hard preparing for the big bash! Isn't my apron cute! Compliments of MARCI!!!

OHHH BOY....and what can I say, I couldn't have made it through the weekend without my MOM!! Your the best mom! Thanks again for coming Grandma!!!
We grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and then went right on the the best part...

THE CAKE, Ty is gettin ready for it!

He didn't exactly understand the blowing out the candle part, but this was his first try:)

He started by touching the cake to see what it was all about and then...
Diggin' In

So we decided to share the cake with everyone else and let Ty have his own cupcake...I'm pretty sure he like it alittle more his size!

Monkey See...

Monkey Do!

That's more like it bud!


mom, seriously this is my bithday and these are my presents...

The after party with the Grandma's...

Birthday #2...

Sunday was birthday #2 with my side of the family!

Breakfast is alittle more simple when church starts at 9am:)

We were so excited that Justin and Michelle came up from Vegas for the weekend! Of course the boys were playing with electronics!

We had yummy homemade rolls from our neighbors! They were for the pulled-pork sandwiches plus lots of other fun foods and treats! Ty seriously ate a lot of that roll, bread is one of his favorites!!!!

The Party begins.....

Of course...A Chocolate Fountain, YUMMY!