Sunday, February 28, 2010

I know, I know!!

I hear it atleast once a week from someone about how my blog is LAME...SO I'm going to make a goal to blog ATLEAST once a week:) They say if you put a goal in writing it's MORE likely to be accomplished:) So now all ya'll can give me a guilt trip if I don't follow through:)

I'm so far behind on pictures I don't know where to start so I thought I would just start with NOW:) Then I'll work my way back with highlights of our crazy lives the last 8 months, that I haven't blogged!

Bridal Show, Wahoo...

Signature Brides and Company! Your professional On Location Hair and Make-up Artists!

Crystal, Stephanie, and Hailey workin it by our sign:)
So The Wight House Reception Center in Bountiful hosted a bridal show yesterday and did the hair and make-up for their wedding dress fashion show. We also had a booth there advertising Signature Brides! It was lots of fun, but so CRAZY!! We did...hmm I lost count after the 14th girl...I think we did around 15 girls hair and make-up in ya know LESS THAN 2 HOURS!! So we were pretty tired by the end, but we really did have a blast! All the girls were really sweet. Like I said we did 15 girls in less than 2 hours so their hair and make-up wasn't near as fun as we would have liked it to be but we did what we could in the time we had:)...

Here are a FEW:) of the girls we did...





Chocolate Elation...Never Ending Milk Chocolate at Your Fingertips...

Scottie also had a booth for his company CHOCOLATE ELATION! Looks YUMMY, huh?