Friday, February 20, 2009

What mom? You didn't want me to dump the macaroni on the tray...

Haha, oops:)

Ty kept reaching for my soup, so I let him try a noodle, he had a hard time keeping it in his mouth:)

I love my juice too!


Ty loves to try pretty much anything these days...cheerios are one of his favorite snacks in the morning!


Can you believe it, Ty actually did get somethng from me:) I just have to wet his hair down and put alittle gel in it and this is what is looks like:) We love it!

Playing with Daddy

Everytime Scott gets home from work Ty almost jumps out of my arms to play with Daddy! He loves his hat and glasses he always has on when he comes home...

Just Playin

Yummy, Baby Food

Scott's niece's Taylor, and Baylee were helping me feed ty his lunch

Too Cute!!

I've been doing some cleaning and organizing in our basement so this is were Ty picked to play, he thought it was fun!

Teaching Ty to Wave

My new thing...Diaper Cakes

I know many people have made these in the past but I just started doing them for friends lately...I've had 4 baby showers in the last 2 months...Utah, you've gotta love it!
I made this one for Meredith Bennie(formerly...Bailey)

...and this one I made for my client-and good friend-Kandis

A, Tanner, and Maddex come to Utah!!!

The Peterson's came to visit in January. Tanner's bt\rother went into the MTC, so they came and stayed wit us for 2 days. As you can see Maddex and Ty became instant friends...