Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Trip to PA

This is Ty and I leaving Utah

I let Ty hangout in his own seat until the person sitting there came. This was Ty's 2nd plane ride to the east coast! I never got pictures the first time:(

This is when we landed in PA. I tried to wrap Ty up and he managed to poke his little foot out!

First we went to the Farm...

We hung out with Shauna, Maddie, Brody, Grandma and Debbie:)

Ty just took right to sweet Grammy Mable!

I think Grandma fed Ty every time he needed to eat:) Thanks Grandma!

Then we went to Stac and Dan's house

Grandma and I drove up to Stacy and Dan's house to spend the next few days! We had lots of fun w/the kids(dan being one of them)...

Stac and I had some GIRL TIME..

We had lots of fun trying new make-up and different ways to do stacy's eyes:)

I also waxed Stacy's eyebrows!

This was about midnight, both very tired and way to many colors of eyeshadow on our eyes:)

Then to Grandma and Grandpa Hite's!

Ty and Brinlee

Ty and Mitchell are good buddies


First we went to Jo-Jo's Pizza...I've been craving it since last time I went to New York in August!!

Then we went to Chocolate World and took all the kids on the ride:)

All I wanted was an ice cream cake like the good old days:)